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The “overhead corridor” to circuit the city by the end of 2017

2017-12-11 16:28:16 作者: 浏览量(2073) 来源:531springs.com

In December, the last section of the express-road network of Jinan - the eastward and southward extension lines of the 2nd Ring Road will be opened to traffic, making the expressway network enclosed in a full circle and linking the extension lines of the Northern Gongye Road and the Western 2nd Ring Road that have been open to traffic. By then, it will take five minutes and twenty minutes to get from Yanshan Overpass to Bandaojing Interchange and Ganggou Interchange respectively by way of the  “overhead corridor” of the 2nd Ring Road that circuits the city. It  has made so many records and will provide a great convenience to citizens.