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The trial run of Jinan’s first subway car succeeds

2018-05-24 14:48:26 作者: 浏览量(726) 来源:dzwww.com

photo by Li Zhiqiang 

The first subway car in Jinan was successfully tested on the trial line of Fancun subway base of Line R1 of rail transit. It was a “hot sliding test”, which meant that the subway car gets electricity from overhead lines, and runs on its own power.

The successful hot sliding test marked that the facilities of the trial line and the installation of main equipment, such as the subway track, overhead line and power supply projects, are already in place and ready to use. The static debugging of the subway car has basically completed. The systems of vehicle, track and power supply have a stable operation.

At the same time, the power supply project that is responsible by Line R1 China Railway Electrification Bureau Group is under construction according to the fixed duration, in order to ensure the trial operation of Line R1 on January 1, 2019.  

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